FRInsight’s domain expertise in combination with business knowledge spans a broad range of systems and technologies. The scope of their turnkey solutions ranges from pre-sales assistance, thorough project planning and management to technology deployment and longterm support. All backed by flexible delivery models, industry best practices and technical expertise to build long-term client relationships.

Enterprise Computing

FRInsight offers innovative solutions for advanced infrastructure projects incorporating the complete gamut of engineering technologies and process frameworks. Enterprise distributed application systems encompass a broad spectrum of vertical domains and industry segments including Banking and Finance, Defence, Building and Construction, Hospitality as well as Education.

Personal Computing

FRInsight’s Personal Computing Solutions comprise of targeted services in the niche Small Business Consumer Market. In addition to Hardware Products and Software Licenses, the company also offers value-added services such as Networking, Optimization, Storage, Virus protection, Diagnostics, Tech Support, Wireless Security, Repair and Upgrades.

Networking Products

FRInsight meets the evolving needs of businesses through a range of high performance networking products that address cost reduction, increase agility and enable transformation.

Some of these products include Switches, Routers, Servers, Cables, Cable Boxes and Accessories, Wireless Devices as well as Mobile Computing Tools.

Data Networking & Storage Solutions

FRInsight’s data Networking and Storage Solutions primarily address Network Infrastructure, Data backup, Business Continuity, Compliance, Risk Management, Information Security, Transactional content management as well as Virtualization and Asset Consolidation Solutions.

Automated solutions are provided for backup, recovery and archiving to ensure data availability and business continuity. Virtualization solutions enhance storage efficiency while reducing infrastructure and operational costs.

Office Automation : Imaging & Printing

FRInsight offers optimized office automation solutions for imaging and printing applications in business and corporate environments. Their suite of products includes business presentation systems such as projectors, displays and interactive presentation systems as well as documentation solutions such as multifunctional printers, copiers and scanning systems.

Software Licenses

FRInsight’s range of desktop management solutions is designed to improve desktop deployment efficiency in distributed environments and includes optimum licensing as well as software asset management solutions. These services ensure maximum returns on software investment made by a client company. FR Insight’s partnerships with a wide range of software manufacturers help their clients implement, operate and function with enhanced cost efficiency and increased productivity.

Office Automation : Telecom & AVSI Solutions

FRInsight telecom and AVSI solutions for small, medium or enterprise environments span communication, video conferencing, audio and IP telephony solutions. Integrated communications systems help virtual contact center personnel handle voice, email, text, chat and fax simultaneously. Unified communications systems enable optimized use of technology by the business while simplifying user experience, improving business performance and increasing speed of response.

Power Solutions

Operational performance and business continuity are dependent on reliable as well as scalable power solutions. FRInsight’s AC & DC power solutions suite includes DC power systems and UPS systems.

Racks & Enclosures

A comprehensive range of racking systems, equipment enclosures, cable trays and boxes as well as telecom racks and open racks is available. FRInsight’s product range includes Table Top Rack Cabinets, Open Relay Racks, Wall Mount Racks, Floor Standing Racks, Customized Server Racks, Desk Server Rack Cabinets, Assembled Cabinet Systems, Consoles and Various Accessories.